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TC TENET is a London-based artist, who writes, produces and records songs in a shed at the back of his backyard. A fresh voice in the alternative rock scene, TC’s songs have a cinematographic feel and are designed to take the listener on a sonic journey, sliding through thought-provoking lyrics and out-of-this-world guitar sounds.

TC is Brazilian and although he’s heavily influenced by his home-country music, he was introduced to British Rock n’ Roll at a very young age and this completely changed the course of his life. His love for British bands led him to the UK where he met his wife. What started as a musical journey developed into a new life away from home. Today, they both live in London and are raising their beloved child.

With a fall for philosophy and critical thought, TC developed a critical view of a world where few have lots and lots have close to nothing, and where nature is seen as a ‘resource’ instead of ‘home’. This perspective that can be felt in his lyrics also led him to embrace the principles of a sustainable world.



Q: Why 'TC TENET'?
A: TC it's a childhood nickname. I have been called "TC" since my first recollection. TENET is a concept I deeply relate to.


Q: Where were you born and raised?
A: Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Q: What inspired you to pursue music?
A: I felt drawn to music since I was very young. I'm introspective and music has always been the best way to connect me with my inner self. Music was always my best friend. It was there every time I needed it and never let me down. At the time I started writing music and creating these little "friends", I realised this would be the best thing I could offer. So I kept on doing it.


Q: Can you describe your music in one sentence?
A: My songs are sonic journeys with thought-provoking lyrics that aim to be food for the soul.


Q: What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment so far?
A: I think my biggest accomplishment was to create and nurture lasting relationships with amazing people through music. This includes people I played with, worked with, and connected with through my songs. Through this journey, I met people who changed my life and helped shape the human being I am today.


Q: What is your biggest regret in your music career?
A: I spend a lot of time making music to myself in a very selfish way. It took me a while to understand that music is a mean and not an end. I wish I had realised this from day one.


Q: Can you tell me more about your recent and upcoming projects?
A: After spending years playing in different projects and bands I finally put myself forward as a solo artist - and am really happy with it. I'm releasing singles every couple of months and playing solo gigs. My next step is to put a band together to play these songs live in their full arrangement. I can't wait to do that!


Q: What has been your biggest challenge as a musician?
A: The music journey is beautiful but is a very tough one. It takes a lot to produce the songs and they are so intrinsic to you that they are not what you do, but who you are. This puts us musicians in an exposed/vulnerable position and on a rollercoaster of emotions. My biggest challenge is to keep my spirit up, focused and creating music.



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